StereoLOGIC’s Advanced Analytics Robots help enterprise operational managers to solve most critical and complex tasks, such as: Customer Service Acceleration, Productivity Improvement, Post-Transformation Stabilization, and Quality Management, in a fraction of time and cost.Our software robots offer rapid and elegant solution for: Mapping of 100s of business processes; Measurement of the process/activity time to find the inefficiencies and losses; Process improvement  & development of Standard Operational Procedures (SOP); Process Diagnostics & issue reproduction; Quality management & Accuracy / Time Scoring; and Employee performance management & Comparison. Our robots are so quick - you will see the first results in the week 1. StereoLOGIC is a COOL VENDOR of GARTNER.  StereoLOGIC’s Client Pitney Bowes has won the Process Excellence Award for “The Best Process Improvement Project under 90 days”.