Insight eLearning

Insight eLearning

Insight eLearning is dedicated to provide training and information for OPEX practitioners.  We understand that many people new to these disciplines are likely struggling with the numerous capabilities and competencies they need to be successful project participants.  We, at Insight eLearning, have designed training courses in the areas of People, Process, Technology and Change of business/ digital transformation that allows learners to quickly find and obtain the skills they need when they need to build them.

The methods and courses we offer have been written by people having a unique combination of practical “hands on” experience, are leading authors, recognized speakers, and industry leaders.

Please call us at 800-903-7941 or email us at info@insightelearning to obtain information on our course library and how eLearning’s flexible, “learn at your pace”, online courses operate. 

To download our free whitepapers and/or buy Insight eLearning courses please visit us at

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